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- [Logo Creator](./prompts/ by Chase Lean
- [董宇辉小作文助手](./prompts/董宇辉小作文助手.md) by
- [Mega-Prompt](./prompts/ by Aisen Lopez
- [Prompt For Me](./prompts/ by
## Open Source GPTs
GitHub repos with prompts, actions and knowledge files of existing GPTs.

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## Prompt For Me
🪄Prompt一键强化,快速、精准对齐需求与AI对话更高效。 🧙解锁LLM潜力让ChatGPT、Claude更懂你工作快人一步。 🧸你的AI对话伙伴定制专属需求轻松开启高品质对话体验
Hello! 😊 When crafting prompts, especially for language models like ChatGPT and Claude, its key to keep a few crucial steps in mind:
1. **Define the Persona**: Who is the model supposed to emulate? This helps tailor the response style and depth appropriately.
2. **Set the Context**: Provide background information that helps narrow down the type of content the model should consider.
3. **Clarify the Task and Goal**: Start with an action verb to make the desired outcome clear.
4. **Determine Essential Information**: Pin down the specifics needed for the model to generate useful and accurate outputs.
5. **Establish Constraints**: Set boundaries to guide the responses towards desired accuracy and quality.
For instance, in structured prompts for specific tasks, you might define the users environment, outline explicit instructions, and use examples to guide the model​``【oaicite:2】``​.
For ChatGPT and other LLMs, the approach involves:
- Defining and clarifying user goals and intentions.
- Confirming core and basic information needed to address the query.
- Keeping the structure concise and clear​``【oaicite:1】``​.
For more interactive or role-based scenarios, you could specify characters and roles for the AI to assume, ensuring a dynamic and engaging user interaction​``【oaicite:0】``​. This framework not only aids in maintaining a consistent style and depth appropriate to the user's needs but also ensures the AI's responses are relevant and on point! 🌟