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baseURL = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Strolch"
theme = "hugo-theme-learn"
publishDir = "public"
refLinksErrorLevel = "WARNING"
unsafe = true
# For search functionality
home = ["HTML", "RSS", "JSON"]
# Prefix URL to edit current page. Will display an "Edit this page" button on top right hand corner of every page.
# Useful to give opportunity to people to create merge request for your doc.
# See the config.toml file from this documentation site to have an example.
editURL = ""
# Author of the site, will be used in meta information
author = "Robert von Burg"
# Description of the site, will be used in meta information
description = "Strolch is a parameterized framework for use on servers and IoT "
# Shows a checkmark for visited pages on the menu
showVisitedLinks = false
# Disable search function. It will hide search bar
disableSearch = false
# Javascript and CSS cache are automatically busted when new version of site is generated.
# Set this to true to disable this behavior (some proxies don't handle well this optimization)
disableAssetsBusting = false
# Set this to true to disable copy-to-clipboard button for inline code.
disableInlineCopyToClipBoard = false
# A title for shortcuts in menu is set by default. Set this to true to disable it.
disableShortcutsTitle = false
# If set to false, a Home button will appear below the search bar on the menu.
# It is redirecting to the landing page of the current language if specified. (Default is "/")
disableLandingPageButton = false
# When using mulitlingual website, disable the switch language button.
disableLanguageSwitchingButton = false
# Hide breadcrumbs in the header and only show the current page title
disableBreadcrumb = false
# If set to true, prevents Hugo from including the mermaid module if not needed (will reduce load times and traffic)
disableMermaid = false
# Specifies the remote location of the mermaid js
customMermaidURL = ""
# Hide Next and Previous page buttons normally displayed full height beside content
disableNextPrev = false
# Order sections in menu by "weight" or "title". Default to "weight"
ordersectionsby = "weight"
# Change default color scheme with a variant one. Can be "red", "blue", "green".
themeVariant = "green"
# Provide a list of custom css files to load relative from the `static/` folder in the site root.
# custom_css = ["css/foo.css", "css/bar.css"]
# Change the title separator. Default to "::".
titleSeparator = " - "
# Default resample filter used for resizing. Default is Box,
# a simple and fast averaging filter appropriate for downscaling.
# See
resampleFilter = "box"
# Default JPEG quality setting. Default is 75.
quality = 75
# Anchor used when cropping pictures.
# Default is "smart" which does Smart Cropping, using
# Smart Cropping is content aware and tries to find the best crop for each image.
# Valid values are Smart, Center, TopLeft, Top, TopRight, Left, Right, BottomLeft, Bottom, BottomRight
anchor = "smart"
# Default background color.
# Hugo will preserve transparency for target formats that supports it,
# but will fall back to this color for JPEG.
# Expects a standard HEX color string with 3 or 6 digits.
# See
bgColor = "#ffffff"
# Regexp matching the fields you want to Exclude from the (massive) set of Exif info
# available. As we cache this info to disk, this is for performance and
# disk space reasons more than anything.
# If you want it all, put ".*" in this config setting.
# Note that if neither this or ExcludeFields is set, Hugo will return a small
# default set.
includeFields = ""
# Regexp matching the Exif fields you want to exclude. This may be easier to use
# than IncludeFields above, depending on what you want.
excludeFields = ""
# Hugo extracts the "photo taken" date/time into .Date by default.
# Set this to true to turn it off.
disableDate = false
# Hugo extracts the "photo taken where" (GPS latitude and longitude) into
# .Long and .Lat. Set this to true to turn it off.
disableLatLong = false
name = "<i class='fas fa-tags'></i> Tags"
url = "/tags"
weight = 5
name = "<i class='fab fa-github'></i> GitHub project"
identifier = "github"
url = ""
weight = 10
name = "<i class='fab fa-mastodon'></i> Mastodon"
identifier = "mastodon"
url = ""
weight = 10